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You may have a lot about Pay Per Click advertising. PPC advertising is one of the most powerful online marketing tools on the web today. It is something that ever website should be using, including yours. Right now you are probably wondering how PPC advertising can help you, and how you can really maximize it potential of your business.

While any PPC Advertising network is designed to be user friendly and benefit all those involved, to maximize its true potential it is important to learn exactly how PPC advertising works.


What is Pay Per Click advertising?

While with traditional advertising you pay for you advertising outright. The amount you pay is regardless to who looks at your ad, or responds to it. Pay per Click advertising is radically different. It what you would call a win win scenario. You only pay for the advertisement online when a user clicks on a link. It is so effective that it is often considered to be one the best ways to generate new leads.

You have probably seen advertising like this browsing the web. They can take the form of sponsored links on a search engine such as Google or banner ads on other websites and blogs. Once you click on the advertisement you are then taken to the advertisers website. This is where advertisers chance to make a sale. There is no guarantee that the advertiser will make a sale, but it will certainly give that business some good exposure.

Another important factor to consider is cost. PPC Advertising requires a much smaller investment. Often the cost per click is very low, sometimes around £0.10 per click. Although this can vary.


Small Businesses

Because of the small investment, PPC advertising is ideal for small businesses as it requires a smaller marketing budget. But it is also important to ensure that before you consider PPC advertising, that you know to get the most from PPC advertising. There are different types of ads. You could opt for search result ads on Google, banner ads or even side bar ads. They can appear on Google itself or third party websites. As well as graphical and text box ads there are also video ads. Different ads suit different products and businesses. What is important is getting the best conversion rate from your advertising.


Benefits of PPC Advertising

One of the key benefits of PPC is of course that you are only paying for clicks, which in turn is driving traffic to your website for a very little investment. It is because of the nature of  this type of advertising that the advertiser such as Google has a real incentive for your ad to be seen by the right people.

Google’s AdWords is a targeted advertising system that ensures that you will find the right customer. It is in its very nature idea for getting new customers and business leads. You may or may not be aware that Google is itself centered around advertising. When a user searches on a certain subject, or receives email from a Gmail account this is all added to a profile of the user. This enables Google to show that person relevant ads. Of course, this is great for targeting specific customers easily. PPC Advertising has been designed to be beneficial to the advertiser as well as Google.


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Keyword Research

Keywords, are perhaps one of your most important online assets. Put quite simply, they can determine the success or failure of your Google AdWords campaign. Above all long tail keywords are significantly important, they can often be used to target people searching for your business.

These keywords are linked to your industry, the services you provide as well as your location. So it is important that you get it right to maximize on sales and get those all important sales leads.

When it comes to this keyword research you have PPC Care on your side. We can do this all important research for you. Of course you could do this yourself, but we as leading experts in PPC Advertising know the Google AdWords network inside out and know how to use Google AdWords and keywords to your advantage.

For only £47 we will do all the research for you and so much more. Not only will you get that all important key word research, but vital information such as your competitors on AdWords, as well as information on monthly search volume potential and so much more. All this will be delivered to you as a single Excel file.


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